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Hinge packaging production line

Introduction to hinge packing machine

This packaging production line is the front conveyor belt automatic incoming material, set automatic bagging, wire crossing, box opening, material pushing, folding ear, folding, box sealing molding output as one of the packaging machine, suitable for many varieties, many specifications of carton packaging, controlled by PLC microcomputer, automatic alarm, fault prompt. Adopt man - machine interface control, simple operation and easy maintenance. Box sealing system with automatic folding box, box sealing and other functions, no need of human hands, the one-time fast completion. High qualified rate of finished products, welcomed by the majority of users.


This automatic cartoning machine applies to all kinds of paper packaging, food packaging, cosmetics packaging, packing and related industries of small vessels using a wide range, according to the different requirements of users at the same time, the product can be replaced periodically, convenient assembly and debugging, which is applicable to the production of large quantities of single variety, at the same time can satisfy users to small batch production of many varieties.


Main technical parameters of automatic packing machine

1. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz three-phase five-wire power supply


2. Maximum power consumption: 2.5KW


3. Host running speed: 30-40 boxes/min


4. Gas consumption: 0.067-0.1m3/min (pressure: 0.2-0.5mpa)


5. Noise: no more than 85dB


6. Ambient temperature: 20±15℃


7. Compressed air: Pressure: 0.6-0.9mpa flow: 0.067 -- 0.1m3 /min


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