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Key words: Bagging machine; Cartoning machine, Box folding machine, Automatic case packer machine, Carton case Erectors, Sealing machine

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Automatic packing + automatic packing machine + automatic big box packing assembly line

Ginger sugar packaging production line introduction

This ginger sugar packaging production line is based on our leading product automatic packing machine. Through the front two automatic packing mechanism, 12 small pieces in a box, 6 small boxes in a box, forming an automatic packing machine + packing machine + automatic packing large box production line, the whole production line is highly automated, which can greatly save labor cost.

The gingerbread packaging production line can also be connected with heat shrink packaging machine and packing machine to form a complete production line, which can meet the needs of mass production packaging.

The equipment is suitable for food, hardware, daily chemicals and other products. It is easy to install and operate.

Mask packing machine

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