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Strip product secondary packaging production line

Application: electronic appliances, all kinds of food, medical equipment, chemical products, packaging materials, plastic metal, lighting, hardware and other industries.

Scope of application: strip material packaging production, such as lamps, antennas, food, aluminum platinum, plastic film, plastic hardware, cardboard boxes, medical equipment, etc.

Production efficiency: 10-80 boxes/min or 10-50 boxes/min (different production speed according to different material size and structure)

Number of operators: 2-6

Operation mode: intermittent type

Sealing method: glue spraying, tongue inserting, bottom fastening and sealing

Sealing method: glue sealing and spraying

Carton size (W X H x L) : (60-160) X (40-100) x (500-1200) mm (non-standard and customizable)

Performance Features:

High productivity, high stability, long service life, wide range of applications compatible with a variety of specifications, convenient and fast adjustment, flexible operation simple compact, flexible, affordable

Friendly operation interface, easy to maintain and maintain high-end configuration, advanced design, sophisticated materials

Can replace 20-40 people manual production line, product quality is stable and reliable

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