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Fully automatic packing machine + opening and sealing can pack production line

Introduction to intelligent packaging production line


This set of packaging production line is designed, produced and developed by Guangdong Hengxinyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD., which is used for the packing of the reading frame and the transmission through the line. It is compatible with a variety of packaging specifications, and the equipment is simple in operation and stable in operation, which can well meet the needs of customers for automatic packaging.


In order to meet the market demand, our company has developed a series of packing machines, such as glue-spraying/bottom fastening/tongue inserting. Our company is a well-known packing machine enterprise in China. As this packing machine belongs to the glue-spraying packing machine, it should be compatible with two boxes of different sizes, and the two products should be sorted out.


This packing machine has the following characteristics: first, can be compatible with the carton size of a certain range of boxes. Second, the spray action is simple and efficient. Third, it can satisfy the wiring of 2 different sizes of cartons.


Main technical parameters of intelligent packaging production line

1. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz three-phase five-wire power supply

2. Maximum power consumption: 4.5kW

3. Production capacity: Main machine running speed: 20-30 boxes/min

4. Gas consumption: 0.067-0.1m3/min (pressure: 0.2-0.5mpa)

5. Noise: no more than 85dB

6. Ambient temperature: 20±15℃

7. Compressed air: Pressure: 0.6-0.9mpa flow: 0.067 -- 0.1m3 /min

8. Operation personnel: 1-2 people

Carton packing machine carton standard

As the quality of the packing carton directly affects the quality of the final packing product, this machine has the following requirements on the quality of the packing carton used.

A. Carton indentation must be ensured that the box can be easily formed by pressing it by hand.

B. The paper used in the carton must be pre-folded paper.

C. The carton style must be determined by both parties and cannot be changed at will.


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