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2019 Annual Commendation Conference and 2020 Welcoming Banquet

On January 11, 2020, at 18:00, our company will hold the 2019 Annual Commendation and 2020 welcoming Banquet in The Zhaoqing Dawang High-tech Zone Golden Phoenix International Hotel. The event was presided over by Mr. Zhao Jian, deputy general manager.

Attending the conference are: Ms. Liu Suicong, Secretary-General of Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Association; Mr. Xiong Weixuan, founder of Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Association; all the staff of the Secretariat of Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Association; Mr. Huang Weizu and Mr. Wu Qinghai, shareholders representatives of the company; Mr. Jiang Haiwei, Mr. Zhao Ruixiong and the representative of Guangzhou Qinyuan Group, the controlling shareholder.


  General Manager Wu Qinghai reviewed his 20 years of growth in Guangdong, talked about the understanding and prospect of automation and intelligent technology, and put forward that the 2020s will be a great era for the all-round development of artificial intelligence! Guangdong Hengxinyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. should stand out in the tide of The Times.


 General Manager Wu Qinghai presented certificates of honor and bonuses to outstanding management cadres of 2019 Li Shijie, Wu Guopei, Long Xiancheng (absent) and He Wenzheng


   Li Shijie, the production director, presented the certificate of honor and bonus to Tan Yongle, Xu Jianliang, Zeng Deming, Liang Can, Wu Changrong and Yan Keqiang, the outstanding employees of 2019


   Huang Weizu, deputy general manager, presented certificates of honor and bonuses to Huang Xingcai and Deng Jianqi, excellent employees of 2019


   Vice General Manager Zou Chen presented certificates of honor and bonuses to outstanding employees of 2019 Cheng Han, Luo Yuemei and Chen Xianhong


   Vice General Manager Zhao Jian awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to excellent employees (administrative and logistics) Su Xiaopeng and Xu Yingbo in 2019


  The leaders and guests took a photo with all the outstanding employees in 2019


   Before the banquet, Secretary General Liu Tasong, on behalf of Guangdong Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association, made a wonderful speech on the demand and development trend of the packaging machinery industry, raised expectations for our staff and issued New Year greetings. General Manager Mr. Wu Qinghai, secretary General Ms. Liu Tasong and other leaders toasting dinner officially began! The activity lasted four hours in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Banquet Scene 1


Banquet Scene 2


Banquet Scene 3


Banquet Scene 4


   Looking back on 2019, we work together, hard work, common harvest; Looking ahead to 2020, we have the same goals, full of confidence, and create a new brilliant decade in the 2020s!

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