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Analysis of common faults of the packing machine

1) Conveyor belt clearance stop or stop:

1. Stop the gap to check whether there is a shortage of material and start up automatically.

2. Stop the machine and check whether the power supply, motor or governor are normal.

2) Can't get the carton down:

1. Whether the cartons are in good order.

2. Whether the cartons are pasted together.

3. Is the air pressure of the suction head normal?

3) After the carton is sucked down, it is deformed or pops out at the box feeding template opening:

1. Check whether the carton is too hard.

2. Check whether the position of the box guide rod and the box feeding template are not correct.

3. Check whether the small hook spring at the back of the box feeding template is deformed.

4. Check whether the height of suction box suction head and box feeding track is correct.

4) Instructions can't be sucked down:

1. Whether the manual is deformed, causing the suction head to fail.

2. Whether the suction head is parallel to the instruction.

3. If the paper width and size of the instruction are different, the error must be within 1mm. The stacking position of the manual should be adjusted to be 0.5mm different from the inner edge when the suction head rises to the highest position.

4, origami machine suction head of the small paper splitter hook movement time is too early. Generally small hooks should be inserted into the space between the sheets of paper before the suction head is about to drop. Adjust the height of the small hook. The suction head should be 0.5mm away from the highest position.

5) Paper rebound during suction:

1. The foot lift of the instruction manual is too early. The foot lift is taken away before the instruction manual is pulled down. The position of the support foot to its back when it does not encounter the suction instructions and in the paper catching notch wheel has not pulled the paper back to the highest position is appropriate.

2. Whether the matching speed of the suction head and the paper catching chipping wheel is consistent. The suction head should be lowered first, and then the front of the catch chipped wheel should be pressed directly onto the paper.

6) Poor folding of instructions:

1. Check whether the paper is deformed or bent, and whether there are burrs.

2. Is there any foreign matter in the fence board that blocks the paper?

3, the gap between the opening of the fence board and the folding bar is too large, so that the paper channeling out.

4. Whether the gap of folding stick is too large to hold paper. Adjust the adjustment screws at both ends of the folding stick and reduce the clearance. If the folding stick is worn out after too long use, the folding stick should be replaced.

7) Uneven folding of instructions:

1. Check and adjust the front and rear positions of the baffle bars in the fence plate to achieve the required folding size.

8) After folding the instruction manual, there are rolls and creases:

1. Whether the gap between baffle and folding bar is too large. Adjust the middle position of baffle and folding bar.

2. If the middle position of the baffle and the folding bar has been adjusted and there is still a large gap, remove the locating pin on the baffle and adjust it again until no paper is stuck in the gap.

9) The manual inside the fence plate is stuck:

1, fold the paper gap is too large, feed paper weak. The adjustment method is the same as above.

2. The installation position of the lower half plate of the fence plate is too long than that of the guide plate with an arc above, so that the paper cannot enter into the folding rod below. Loosen all the retaining screws on the fence plate and adjust the plate backward, but not shorter than the guide plate above. It should be 1-3 mm longer than the guide plate. If it is shorter than the guide plate, the instruction manual may go directly into the folding bar below without folding.

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