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Brief report on epidemic response

China is the world's largest producer of face masks. Before the epidemic, China's overall production capacity of masks was more than 20 million per day, the highest in the world. With the recovery of domestic manufacturing capacity and cross-border production of masks by enterprises, more than 200 million masks are produced daily in China. This capacity can basically meet China's current domestic demand, and can be appropriately exported.

At present, the COVID-19 epidemic in China is under effective control, and import prevention is the current priority. The situation abroad is grim and the epidemic is on the rise. Demand for masks remains tight. The epidemic is heartless. As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility and the mission of The Times, we should not only ensure the supply and demand of masks at home, but also go out to support foreign friends and join hands with other countries to tackle the common challenges facing mankind.

After extensive growth of masks production in China, manufacturers must put forward higher requirements for packaging quality. B: Because customers have higher and higher requirements for quality and packaging. Masks without packaging are no longer welcome. Masks exported from abroad need more packaging requirements (Europe has abandoned the CE certification mandatory, but packaging should be decent). Machine packing has obvious advantages over man. In order to meet the needs of this market, we have developed a mask bag sealing machine with built-in disinfection function. In cooperation with the company's original mask packing machine, we produce and provide a complete package production line for mask bag sealing, box packing and packing, which can be ordered by the whole line or sold separately (bag sealing machine, box packing machine, box packing machine, etc.).

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