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  1. Towel packing machine for face towel and cotton pad
  2. Towel packing machine for face towel and cotton pad

Towel packing machine for face towel and cotton pad

  • Function:Automatic opening, packing and sealing of boxes
  • Applicable industries:Tissue paper, face towel, cotton pad, pad
  • Production speed:40-60 boxes/min
  • The carton requirements:250-320 g/m2
  • Gas consumption:10~15L/m
  • Bleed pressure:0.5~0.8Mpa
+86 16676686672
  1. Detailed information

Paper towel, paper towel, face towel, sanitary towel automatic packing machine is manufactured by our "hot melt adhesive packing machine" model. Due to the loose and soft characteristics of paper towels, it is a technical difficulty for paper towels to be put into the box. The equipment adopts the feeding mechanism of pressing the paper towels first and then pushing the material into the box, which successfully completes the feeding of paper boxes. The machine is made of fine aluminum and stainless steel, which does not pollute paper towels.

The machine features

It integrates box opening, charging, folding, spraying and sealing into one. It is equipped with the domestic advanced automatic high-speed double spray gun hot melt adhesive machine.

Box sealing system with automatic folding box, glue spraying, box sealing and other functions, no human hands, a quick completion.

Stainless steel and aluminum are adopted, the surface is polished, the appearance is beautiful and generous, not polluting the environment.

Adopt man - machine interface control, controlled by PLC microcomputer, automatic alarm, fault hint.

Generous shape, compact structure, reliable performance.

It has the advantages of fast speed and strong adhesive box.

Can be tailored to a variety of special cartons.



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