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  1. Aircraft box folding machine
  2. Aircraft box folding machine

Aircraft box folding machine

  • Function:Automatic suction cardboard, folding box molding
  • Applicable industries:Clothing, shoes and hats, e-commerce
  • Production speed:20-30 boxes/min
  • The carton requirements:Corrugated and kraft board (to be pre-folded)
  • Gas consumption:10~15L/m
  • Bleed pressure:0.5~0.8Mpa
+86 16676686672
  1. Detailed information

Automatic aircraft box folding machine, a new generation of automatic equipment designed and developed by our company, is suitable for carton packaging in tobacco, routing, mobile phone, electronic parts, auto parts and other different fields, aiming at the carton shaping of various aircraft boxes and combining with the actual needs of customers.

Machine features:

This machine is an automatic continuous folding machine, which can automatically fold corrugated paper, kraft paper and other cardboard into the shape of aircraft box.

One machine can be compatible with several sizes of cartons.

20-30 boxes per minute (depending on carton size and paper)

The following cartons can be folded by machine

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