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    Gantry palletizer

    • Function:Stack the cartons automatically
    • Scope of the cartons:L:200-600 W: 200-450 H: 150-400MM
    • Stacking height:1800MM
    • Grab weight:≦40kg
    • Production speed:≤ 12s/1pcs
    +86 16676686672
    1. Detailed information

    Stacker can put the packed and unpacked regular articles on the pallets according to the corresponding arrangement for automatic stacking. It can be stacked up in multiple layers for further packaging or forklift transport to the warehouse for storage.

    Gantry palletizer features:

    1. The host is installed on the ground. The clamping method adopts servo positioning clamping to adapt to products of different sizes.

    2. Rich functions, such as stacking and staggered arrangement at the beginning of half way.

    3. PLC and touch screen control system; servo motor control is adopted for the 5-axis motion axis; frequency conversion speed control is adopted for the conveying line; Simple operation, simple interface, no need for programming, no need for professionals,

    4. Quickly switch boxes of different sizes without repositioning; Visually view the health and exception monitoring.

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