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    Vertical packing machine

    • Function:Automatic bag making and packing
    • Bag length:50-190mm
    • Bag width:50-150mm
    • packing material:PP, PE, PVC, PS, etc
    • Film width:110-320mm
    • Film thickness:0.05-0.12mm
    • Production speed:20-100 packets per minute
    +86 16676686672
    1. Detailed information

    Vertical packaging machine is widely used in food, drugs, hardware, chemical, plastic and other industries such as granule, powder, block, sheet materials automatic bag making packaging.

    The machine can be matched with a combination scale, measuring screw, rotary measuring cup, vibration counting plate and other devices to achieve measurement and packaging.

    Main features of equipment:

    1, the whole machine adopts 3 servo control system, the machine runs smoothly, the movement is accurate, the performance is stable, the packing efficiency is high;

    2. The equipment adopts servo drive to pull the film and release the film, ensuring the precision of pulling the film and neat and beautiful packaging bag;

    3. The design of the whole machine conforms to GMP standard and has passed CE certification.


    Power supply: 220V/50Hz/2KW

    Packing speed: 20-100 packs/min

    Bag size: L50-190mm, W50-150mm

    Film width: 110-320mm

    Film thickness: 0.05-0.12mm

    Packaging material: PP, PE, PVC, PS, EVA, PET, OPP+ compound CPP, etc

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