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    Cylinder unpacker

    • Function:Automatic unpacking, sealing tape forming
    • Specifications:L280-500 W180-400 H180-400
    • Temporary stock:50
    • Belt width:4.8-7.2CM
    • Production speed:8-10 cases/min
    • Gas consumption:200NL/min
    • Bleed pressure:6KG/cm2
    +86 16676686672
    1. Detailed information

    This machine is automatic carton unpacking machine, suitable for all kinds of carton unpacking, sealing tape forming.

    Unpacking machine is generally used together with packing machine and sealing machine, rarely used alone.

    Product Features:

    1. Equipment design and production meet the requirements of production line technological process and plane layout

    2. Low energy consumption, fast operation and simple maintenance

    3. The machine has good self-safety protection functions, such as overload protection and safety door

    4. No tape and no cardboard box alarm function

    5. Storage mechanism: about 50 unshaped cartons can be placed at one time (depending on the thickness of the carton), and can be replenished at any time

    Technical parameters:

    Unpacking capacity: 8-10 cases/min

    Carton specifications: L280-500 W180-400 H180-400

    Carton stock: 50

    Width of the adhesive tape: 4.8-7.2

    Power supply: 220 v50hz

    Power: 0.4 KW

    Pneumatic: 6 kg/cm2

    Gas consumption: 200NL/min

    Machine size: L2000 mm ×W1950 mm ×H1500 mm

    Machine weight: 400KG

    Mask packing machine

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