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What is the adaptive scope of the automatic packing machine?

Fully automatic packing machine is widely used, but not all cartons can be packed. The specific application range of the packing machine depends on the carton packing form of the product. At present, there are two more mature carton packing forms in China, namely box insertion and glue spraying, the specific packing form is shown in the figure below.


Plug box carton


Spray adhesive carton

Many customers friends will ask such a question, such as cosmetics, I do you pack box function is not in our products, including online also has a lot of net friend asked a similar question, in fact you make such a problem, cartoning machine of the scope and the packaging industry is no relationship, to see if your cartons in the plug box and spray adhesive form within the scope of the two boxes.

The packaging scope of Guangdong Hengxinyuan intelligent equipment packing machine is more extensive than that of the same industry. Why? In guangdong hengxinyuan longtime cartoning machine research and development manufacturing, cartoning machine packaging form no longer limit to plug boxes and glue the two forms, such as button at the bottom of box, long box, retractor box, special-shaped box box can hold box machines, such as ease of implementing the carton packaging, this is my company for many years, the cause of the rapid growth all the way in the packaging industry. Welcome customers to call consulting, custom belong to your own carton packaging plan, achieve a win-win situation.

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