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How is the packing machine glued?

The glue on the packing machine is finished by the hot melt glue machine, which liquefies the colloid into glue by the electric heating device. The liquefied glue is delivered to the cartridge head through the heating pipe, and is controlled by PLC in the nozzle connected with the air source to spray glue on the sealing part of the carton (similar to the principle of spray painting), so as to complete the function of glue on the carton of the carton packing machine.


In hot melt adhesive machine there is a point move button switch (hold down the button switch point glue, loosen the stop, commonly used to test whether the hot melt adhesive machine out of the normal glue) and an electronic switch, cartoning machine PLC control system with hot melt glue gun head of electronic switch is linked together, through the PLC program control box packing machine machine boxes, namely when spray adhesive, when to end spray adhesive.


Our company also has another gluing mode, the box roller gluing machine. In the heating tank, the colloid is heated directly and coated to the carton sealing place by a rotary plate to achieve gluing, which has the advantages of saving cost and easy maintenance. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.

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